ECM Controvento (Rotary)

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The ECM Controvento has a brew boiler and steam boiler both made of stainless steel. High quality ECM brewing unit with innovative stainless steel brewing bell. Professional tilting valve technology.

This machine as LED illuminated lettering on the back of the machine and extravagant looking feet.

PID display for the individual temperature setting of the boiler and to display the cycle time of the espresso.

  • 2 ergonomically angled ECM filter carriers with balanced weight distribution
  • Water tank: approx. 3 Litre *Optional mains water connection
  • Coffee Boiler capacity: 0.75 Litre
  • Steam Boiler capacity: 2 Litre
  • Pump: Rotary
  • Weight: 40kg
  • Dimensions without portafilter: 470mm (W) x 640mm (D) x 450mm (H)

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